Earn commission for referrals

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 20% on all successful referrals. If you refer a customer using your affiliate link and they spend $100, you will earn $20. Additionally, you’ll receive 10% on all future purchases by that customer.

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Affiliates are paid the first week of every month. Due to our refund policy, we only pay commissions that are 30 days or older. For example, if you refer a sale on January 8, the 30 day refund period ends in February, and you will get paid the next payout date: the first week of March. All affiliate commissions are deposited to your debit card via Stripe. Currently, only U.S. affiliates are supported.

Referral cookie lifetime

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is set on their browser that tracks your referral. That cookie is stored for 30 days. If the customer buys one of our products on a different browser, clears their cookies, or after the 30 day period, the referral will not be awarded to you.

Affiliate Coupons

From time-to-time we may offer coupons that you can distribute to your audience. These will be available in your affiliate dashboard. When an affiliate coupon is used, the referral will always be credited to you, regardless of the current state of the referral cookie. Sharing coupons that were not provided to you via your affiliate dashboard may result in the deactivation of your account. If you want to promote a coupon and one isn’t currently being offered, contact us and we can work with you.

Refunds and revoked payments

Only referrals that are older than 30 days and are still in good standing (not refunded) will be included with the payout. If a payment has been refunded or revoked, we do not pay commission for the referral. We reserve the right to reject affiliate commissions for any reason. Normally, rejections for commission happen for two reasons:

  1. The sale that generated the commission has been refunded
  2. The referral method violated our policies (details below) or the spirit of our policies

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Affiliate Program Policies

Approved promotional methods

In essence, promotional methods should add value to our products.

Examples of good promotional methods:

  • Refer clients to our products – Do you think one of our add-ons is a good fit for your clients or customers? Share an affiliate link with them!
  • Write a blog post or review – Show how one of our plugins can be used in different use cases, or show how a particular goal can be achieved through the use of our software
  • Share on social networks – Send out tweets to your Twitter followers with your affiliate link. Share on Facebook. As long as you’re not spamming them, that’s a great way to get referrals.

Prohibited promotional methods

Affiliate programs are win-wins: you get to promote a product that you like and believe in, we make sales, and you make money from the commission.

  • Coupon sites are not allowed.
  • Pretending to be formally associated with us. Affiliates are not employees, and have no formal connection with Iron Bound Designs
  • Any form of spam. Email, link spamming, comment spamming, etc. will not be allowed. If you’re posting to a forum or comment thread, follow the rules of the website you’re on.
  • Anything illegal, or morally offensive. That’s subjective, we know. Still, if we don’t like it for any reason, you’ll be banned from the program. This includes spam.
  • Confusing customers into thinking your site is operated or endorsed by Iron Bound Designs (by copying our site’s design, for example) is not allowed.

If you are trying to find loopholes in this agreement, it means you’re trying to violate the spirit of the agreement, which is against the rules. If you have a question about something we didn’t cover, ask us!

Consequences of bad behavior

If we find your promotional methods to be not in keeping with these terms, we will reject commissions and disable your affiliate account. We will likely notify you when this occurs and let you know what we find to be in violation of these policies.


By being an affiliate, you agree that your commissions are subject to approval before being paid. This affiliate agreement is not a contract. The affiliate relationship does not represent a formal agreement. You are not an employee of Iron Bound Designs, Inc. You cannot use your referral code or coupons when purchasing one of our products. Iron Bound Designs, Inc. is not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, expenditures or data) arising in connection with this program. Finally, these terms are subject to change without notice and we can terminate this agreement at any time.

Don’t let this stuff scare you: we want to reward you for referring customers to Iron Bound Designs! Thanks for being awesome, and good job reading the full agreement.

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