Today we released version 1.1 of Classes for iThemes Exchange, our WordPress classes plugin. You can now keep track of your student’s attendance right from the admin roster – no need for a separate tool or system.

Each day of class you can check students in. A student can be marked as Present, Late or Absent. If a student is late, their checkin time is automatically recorded, and displayed next to their attendance status. When class is over, any students who haven’t been checked in are automatically listed as Absent, saving you time and confusion. If for any reason you need to update a student’s attendance, you can easily do so right from the roster.

Version 1.1 of Classes is a free update for all customer’s with an active license key. If you’ve activated your license key, you can update Classes directly from your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, download the latest version from your account page.

Is there a feature you’d like to see next in Classes, let us know about it!

Published by Timothy Jacobs

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