Today we released version 1.2 of Classes for iThemes Exchange, our WordPress classes plugin. The new version bring support for multi-student registration to Classes. Now you can easily allow for parents to register their children, or a have one person pay for a group of friends. Multi-student registration is enabled in the add-on settings screen.

We are very excited about finally launching multi-student registration. It has been a long requested feature and we think we’ve developed a great solution to a complex problem. Classes keeps track of the students a customer has registered and makes them available for future registrations. This gives you the ability to track student history and progression through the classes you offer.

Classes User Tab

There are also a variety of other features and tweaks in this update. You can now email multiple classes at once, add additional recipients and specify blind carbon copies in the email tool.

The class roster has also been updated. The class list is separated by classes which are currently in session, scheduled to start in the future, or have already been completed. Additionally the entire list is searchable, making it quick and easy to get to the class you’re looking for. The number of students enrolled and the number of spaces available is also displayed right next to the class title so you don’t even have to drill into the detailed roster view.

Classes Dropdown

Version 1.2 of Classes is a free update for all customer’s with an active license key. If you’ve activated your license key, you can update Classes directly from your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, download the latest version from your account page.

Is there a feature you’d like to see next in Classes, let us know about it!

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