Today we released version 1.3 of our Classes add-on for iThemes Exchange. I want to highlight two new cool features for you: waitlists and instructor accounts.


Waitlists are a great way to gauge and maintain engagement for your classes that are already full. When a prospective students tries to purchase a seat for a full class, they’ll be given the opportunity to signup for the waitlist. If the student is already logged-in, they’ll be instantly added. Otherwise, Classes will prompt them for their first name and email address.


You can view all students on the waitlist from the Waitlists tab in the Classes admin area. The waitlist can be filtered by product. If needed, you can remove a student from the waitlist.


By default, Classes will automatically send out an email to your waitlist when a customer is disenrolled from a class or whenever you add additional seats. Optionally, you can manually send notifications from the waitlist admin screen and the automatic emails can be disabled.

Instructor Accounts

One of the great features of Classes is the class roster and being able to mark student attendance. Previously this was limited to administrator accounts who would have access to the entirety of Exchange. With version 1.3 we’ve added the ability to create Class Instructors. Instructors can view the class roster and mark student attendance, but they won’t be able to edit your products, users, or most importantly access payment data. In the future you can expect more fine-grained access control for your classes.


Two new shortcodes have been added. You can now display a list of all the days your class meets and all of the registered attendees.

We’ve changed how emails work a bit. We’re now using the same notifications library that we use in our other Exchange add-ons. For the best performance, install the wpMandrill plugin. With the Mandrill plugin activated, all emails will be sent via Mandrill’s REST API. This will greatly improve the speed and reliability of your emails.

Additionally, instead of using a shortcode like syntax, templates are not surrounded by curly braces. If you’ve prewritten email templates that you use often, make sure to replace your shortcodes with the corresponding template tag. Lastly, the BCC option has been removed. We found that the use case didn’t make as much sense as we additionally thought, and prevented us from switching to the new notifications system.


Version 1.3 of Classes is a free update for all customer’s with an active license key. If you’ve activated your license key, you can update Classes directly from your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, download the latest version from your account page.

Is there a feature you’d like to see next in Classes, let us know about it!

Published by Timothy Jacobs

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