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Essay Intensive is a summer program for High School students that helps them write their college personal statement. Many test prep websites suffer from cumbersome designs that fail to communicate their modern pedagogy. Sara Nolan and John Gonzalez, the co-founders of Essay Intensive, came to us looking for a way to communicate their new take on conventional college prep.

Essay Intensive combines mental applications, and physical training, to craft a unique learning experience. We wanted to translate this innovative approach to education into their website design. With a crisp color palette, as well as a clean design, the website represents the boldness and innovation of the company’s services. We built a testimonials page with images of past students. The wall of faces, as we call it, allows the user to connect with the brand on a personal level.  Compliment the student’s photo with their personal statement and we have crafted a learning moment.

To compliment their front-end design, we developed a variety of back-end services.  We implemented a custom e-commerce system for program registration, and a back-end roster system for checking-in students and validating their payments on program days, all powered by a unique barcode sent to the student via email.  To aid people in need we developed a coupon system and a flexible payment system that allows students to pay for sessions over a period of several months. Not only were we thrilled to be a part of this ground-breaking education company, but we were also thrilled to develop innovative solutions to fit their needs.