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New Amsterdam Fencing Academy is a fencing studio located in the Upper West Side, NYC. NAFA wanted to communicate the youthful energy that is found in every class, private lesson, or birthday party that takes place behind their doors. John Gonzalez, the owner of NAFA, came to us looking to communicate that feel to the website.

We started with a crisp layout, and developed a modern design that embodies the feeling NAFA was looking for.  The site is built with a bright and clean color palette, and a heavy focus on imagery to communicate NAFA’s personality and emphasis on the experience of fencing.

January 2015 Update

After becoming frustrated with their current solution, NAFA asked us to develop an iThemes Exchange add-on called Classes to give them the ability to easily sell seats for their after school programs. Importantly, Classes allows for NAFA to offer trials for their classes without worry. NAFA has a class capacity that they aren’t allowed to go over. So previously, offering trials made them walk a difficult line between being over and under capacity. Additionally, we gave them an easy way to email all of the students in a particular class to make it easy to notify them of class cancellations or other important events.