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Founded by Jen Mendez, PERMIE KIDs is an online community that, together, develops educational curricula, with an emphasis on creating a solutions-based mindset with the goal of empowering students to follow their passions. Permie Kids seeks to accomplish this through the integration of core permaculture ideas of sustainability and appreciation for the earth: to demonstrate to students the impact they can have upon their surroundings as well as upon society.

We translated the emphasis on organic components into the design ethos of the website using organic tones and an earthy palette. Jen bases her curriculum around her podcasts; subsequently we crafted the website with podcast shortcut allowing her users to easily access all of Jen’s podcasts. In addition to the podcast functionality, we developed a unique search functionality, based around the principles and ethics that Permie Kids and permaculture embody.

PERMIE KIDs also has a specialized eCommerce and Online Learning setup. We also setup a specialized install of iThemes Exchange Membership, bbPress, and LearnDash. We custom developed a commissions and front-end product submission extension to allow for Jen’s course participants to create and sell their own courses on the PERMIE KIDs store. Jen required a complex permissions setup, so that her members could decide how much information they wanted to reveal to other members or the public. This required a nuanced integration with bbPress, to make sure that everyone only had access to what they are supposed to have access to. Members also appeared in a members’ directory, which required a similar permissions structure.

PERMIE KIDs also offers online courses via LearnDash. We customized LearnDash to integrate it into the member forum area. This allowed PERMIE KIDs to have a forum for each of their courses, and to split the forum into various sub-topics.