If you’re a sports coach, a teacher, or a small group leader, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your online store. Maybe you’re writing everything down on paper, or on a raggedy old Excel spreadsheet. You might’ve even spent months cobbling together a solution that just doesn’t work quite right, and everyone at the office thinks is a pain. Let Classes for iThemes Exchange be your ticket out.

Class Dates

Class Dates

Classes adds a new product type to iThemes Exchange. This provides a completely custom interface for managing the dates that your class meets. If one of your regularly scheduled classes is cancelled due to a holiday or otherwise, you can easily mark that so your students don’t get confused. Class dates can also be marked as valid dates for trials — more on that later. A Class Details metabox is also added in the advanced section to provide additional configuration options: Capacity, Trial Price, and Trial Limits.

Classes gives you the capability to offer trial spots in your classes. Either for free or different cost. You can select which days students can select as a trial, and even set limits about how many trial classes a student can sign up for. When a person signs up for a trial, they will appear on the class roster for that day.

Class Roster

Class Roster

Classes comes with a class roster for each day your class meets. You can easily see if students need to make a payment, or if they are at that class for a trial. In addition, you can quickly take student attendance by marking students as either PresentLate or Absent.

If you have multiple instructors that are teaching your classes, you can create user accounts for them that can only access the class roster and mark attendance. They won’t be able to email students or view confidential payment information.

Classes Email Tool

Email a Class

Classes also comes with an easy to use email tool. Emailing all of the students in your class is only a click away. A variety of shortcodes come built-in, allowing you to put together rich, and personal emails, without all the of the complexity that comes with an Email Campaign or Marketing tool.

Classes also gives you a convenient way to see and search through all of your students. You can see at a glance the student’s name, email, and the current classes they are enrolled in. Every student has their own profile in the Exchange Customer Data area. Here you can easily see all of the classes as student is enrolled in. If needed you can manually ‘disenroll’ or enroll a student in a class.

Classes provides a waitlist that prospective students can sign up for whenever a class is full. When a student disenrolls from a class, or you add new seats, they will be automatically notified via email.


Break free from your paper, Excel files, and convoluted systems; make your life easier. Get back to teaching with Classes for iThemes Exchange.

Classes for iThemes Exchange requires PHP 5.3 or above. Don’t know what this means?



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