Whether you are selling memberships to schools, organizations or private businesses, it is crucial that the leader of the organization be able to pay and manage membership access for their team. Umbrella Memberships for iThemes Exchange provides this functionality and more.

Enabling Umbrella Memberships for your membership product is a single checkbox. Umbrella Memberships leverages its power from existing Exchange add-ons, so you don’t need to learn yet another interface. The Quantity Discounts add-on is fully supported, allowing you to provide a discounted rate the more seats your customers purchase. The Purchase Quantity core-addon is also supported, so if you can only support a limited number of members per-group, you can prevent group leaders from purchasing too many seats.

Umbrella Membership Dashboard Configuration

When a customer purchases an Umbrella Membership, they’ll be presented with a configuration screen to add the members of their team. If they ever need to remove or replace access for a membership slot, they can do so from the membership dashboard as well. Best of all, if their team expands, purchasing more seats is as simple as buying another membership. Their team members will be transferred over in the background. All of this can be managed by your customers, without you ever needing to get involved.

Umbrella Memberships Email Settings

Finally, when a group leader’s membership access expires, their team will be notified that their access has expired as well. This email is configured from the Umbrella Membership settings page, along with three other emails that are sent when an existing customer has been invited to a membership, a new customer has been invited to a membership, or when a member has been removed from a membership.

Are you a developer? Good news, Umbrella Memberships is chock-full of well-documented actions and filters, allowing you to customize the plugin to your liking.

Take your memberships to the next level with Umbrella Memberships for iThemes Exchange. Still have questions? View the documentation.

Umbrella Memberships for iThemes Exchange requires PHP 5.3 or above. Don’t know what this means?