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CEED of Change

CEED of Change is an online directory for Permaculture inspired Educational Programs built for PERMIE KIDs. CEED learners need a way to easily find local programs that fit their schedule and online classes that…

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Permie Kids

Founded by Jen Mendez, PERMIE KIDs is an online community that, together, develops educational curricula, with an emphasis on creating a solutions-based mindset with the goal of empowering students to follow their…

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John Gonzalez

John Gonzalez is a fine artist located in New York City, who was looking for a clean and simple way to display his work. He wanted the true colors, and…

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New Amsterdam Fencing

New Amsterdam Fencing Academy is a fencing studio located in the Upper West Side, NYC. NAFA wanted to communicate the youthful energy that is found in every class, private lesson,…